Since the time of Cartier-Bresson, documentary photographers have been hunting images on the streets and crossing paths with tourists and the places they congregate. It’s inevitable that in the process of capturing the life of a city, there is an intersection between the photographer and these observers of culture and places. The world of travelers.

You are a Tourist references this interaction. An interpretation by four Calgary based photographers of what it means to them. Whether through their own travel or at home, they capture the clash of society and its interlopers.  (Colour)

Vintage Caffeine Co.


February 1 - 28, 2019

Most of my projects seem to start as exploratory journeys with no visible end in sight.
— Alex Webb
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Cary Schatz

Cary is a SAIT graduate with a focus on Documentary photography.

“I try to capture not just moments but a feeling in each photograph. There is a hidden communication that occurs from the subject to viewer and I want to tap into that.”

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JC Yepes

Bio to follow.

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Philip David

Photography for Philip is a time capsule, memories that have come and gone. Framing his world, as the decisive moment happens. 

"Each day is a minor eternity of over 86,000 seconds, depending on how we think of them, our lives can be infinitely long or infinitely short.” ― Robert Grudin, Time and the Art of Living


Brandynn Leigh

Bio to follow.